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From the heart of Castilla

Robust but always comprehensive, honest, committed to the land, and noble; this describes the typical man who works the vineyards of Heredad de Urueña and it is also the same way Isabel León and José Luis Rodríguez describe their wine Moisés. They speak of both him and their winery as a story of passion. As romantic as it may sound, the journey to “the center of the center of Castilla” is truly that. In 2005, they arrived to this farmhouse, abandoned at the feet of the Urueña city wall. Now, after years of intense work, they can finally feel proud. “We’ve managed to restore the winery’s old buildings from the 17th century, plant the vineyards, build a new cellar and above all, make exceptional wine,” says Isabel León, president of the winery’s advisory board.

With names like Moisés, Santo, Forum and Toralto, the Heredad de Urueña winery has managed to bottle between 70,000 and 80,000 wines each year from their 25 hectares—a special piece of land in Valladolid that makes use of that thermic jump between the day’s warmth and the night’s cold to add a distinct character and taste to their grapes. It wasn’t easy to restore these sun-dried brick buildings in Castilla, but as they assure us, they did it as a family and “enjoyed every moment.”

The lesson learned from all their hard work is that today they can brag about the 90 points Robert Parker granted Moisés and about being chosen as Best Larga Crianza Red Wine of the Year (2003) at the Golden Nose sommelier contest. These are wines that are made slowly and carefully, and then grow at full speed