Toma Nota

Forthcoming Street Food events (Spain)

It’s becoming a trend, yes, but just because it’s a truly perfect plan. A group of friends, cold drinks and the best meals of some Spanish gastronomy best known brands. What else can we ask for? These are the forthcoming Street Food events in Spain that you cannot miss.

Van Van Market. June 12, 13 and 14. Barcelona

Barcelona, a city with a great gastronomical impact, enjoys street food – with a wide variety of ecological products and environmental and natural awareness. This city has a great Mediterranean cuisine offer, but you could find also Mexican, Chinese, Thai or Peruvian food. This edition will take place at the La Monumental of Barcelona bullring.

MadridEat. June 19, 20, 21. Madrid

Madrid is one the main and powerful cities – gastronomical speaking – of Europe. This event pretends to be like a working platform for those who are trying to become established in the food market or the cuisine market in this city. You would enjoy food trucks from places like Tricilo, El Kiosko, Picsa, Mama Framboise, Chifa Restaurant and so many more. Don’t miss it!

-Tentempié Market. June 27 and 28. Getafe (Madrid)

At this event, the most well-known restaurants of Getafe (Madrid) will gather together. They will be selling the best plates that they have in their vintage food trucks. Plus, you could enjoy the best wines of the country. Besides, you will also find fruits and harvested vegetable stalls. The first edition was a total success, so you cannot miss the second one.

Madrid Productores. The last weekend of every month. Madrid

There’s a different way of show local products in the Community of Madrid. At this event, most of the companies show local products – grown, cultivated and processed in the city – plus most of them are ecological products. The perfect place to hold this market is Matadero Madrid – one of the important cultural spot in the city. You wanna know this month dates? Saturday from 11am till 7pm and Sunday from 11am till 5 pm.

Metropoli Gijón. From June 26 till July 5

Metropoli Festival has a lot of entertainment areas as, for example, music, video games, art, comics, cinema, among others. In this edition one really important area has been added to the festival – gastronomy with food trucks: vintage vans and caravans that will encourage you to try one of the best meals of the best brand around the world.