Toma Nota

Food on a Stick

We’ve all heard of the basic chicken kebab when talking about food on a stick, but there are so many other exciting things that the kebab concept can be used for! Basically every meal could be eaten off of a stick, if you so desired. Here are some “food on a stick” ideas, ranging from the obvious, to the completely unexpected (and delicious)!

Cobb Salad Skewers

This is a new-age way to eat your salad, and to portion out each bite so that it contains all of the flavors you are looking for in the salad experience. Maybe more trouble than you are looking for in food prep, but it is great to impress guests!



Pasta Salad

This looks absolutely delicious. The skewer is unbeatable in its ability to create an experience in that each bite has been planned out and each one is better than the last.

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Steak and Potato Kebabs

A twist on the classic chicken kebab, this one contains both the starch and protein in one place! You can’t beat the flavor of the steak juices bleeding into the skins of the potato and creating a juicy and tender dish.


Spiced Scallop-Zucchini

For the seafood lovers out there, scallops are pretty typical kebab fare, and these added spices and veggie flavor makes them all the more entrancing. No scallops in hand? How about some shrimp, fish or even octopus.

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Goat Cheese Pops

Goat cheese, nuts, and bacon? What more could you ask for! Great for party appetizers or just a snack (as long as you don’t eat all of the ingredients during prep). Want to go Mediterranean with this recipe? How about rolling the cheese balls on crushed black olives?

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Fake Cake Pops

These cake pops are like the ones that all of the bakeries and even Starbucks is selling, but they are so much easier to make in that they are a no-bake endeavor, and are filled with some great flavors. You just need some plain cookies, light cheese spread, couverture black chocolate and sugar decorations. Blend the cookies with the cheese and make balls with the dough. After melting the chocolate, insert the skewer on the balls and dip them in the chocolate, then put some sugar decorations on top and put them in the fridge.