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Five Kitchen Appliances that we need TODAY

Even if it is only because they are “soooo cuuuuuute”.

We all have that friend who seems to have purchased all of their utensils in secret spots and with specific characteristics in mind. That one with all the pretty and special pieces. In their house nothing is average and everything has a meaning. Well let’s say you need to buy them a gift, or you want to get some similar things for yourself, look to our selection of kitchen utensils that may seem to be the most normal ones out there… but wait!

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For the geeks (Part I): Wookie Cookies Star Wars Cookie Jar. Retro in style, made of plastic, and so cute (20,90€).


FOTO 2-8

For the geeks (Part II): Seeing King Kong on top of your napkins every day is something that money can’t buy. Kitchen Paper Towel Roll (18,57€).


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Musical Interlude: Are you enough of a guitar-lover to have these wooden spoons? (14,85€).

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Living large and eating healthy: You’re the type that has people over for dinner all the time, but you can’t even cook a fried egg. See how your efforts are met with this pizza cutter in the shape of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek (c.p.v.).


Having a barbecue at home? Keep track of which meat is yours with this branding iron (letters and numbers) (c.p.v.).