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Fattening foods and drinks? Do you think so? You’re wrong!

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Show off your best looks, show your body, enjoy the long days at the beach or the pool,… yes, this time of the year is coming! We usually – and thanks to our guilty conscience – avoid food or drinks that, according to our mind, could add some extra kilos to our body. But, do we really know what food or drinks are fattening and what are not? Now it’s time to know what food or drinks we can eat or drink without regrets.

Dark chocolate

We all think that chocolate is fattening because of its high sugar levels. But if you eat pure chocolate sparingly it’s even a good idea – especially those chocolates that have, at least, a 70 percent of cocoa.

Dark chocolate acts on the brain and causes a euphoric and comfort feeling and keep us active and awake. Also, it has antioxidant properties, thus, it has a positive effect on the blood pressure and protects our heart. Experts ensure that eating chocolate, it’s a good idea for those people that suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and also, for those who need to strengthen their immunological system.

It’s a good idea: have 1 to 3 ounces per day.


Although the ‘beer belly’ concept comes into our mind, and despite we drink it with alcohol, beer it’s a natural drink, with a few calories, without saturated fat or sugar. But what beer definitely contains it’s a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. Experts ensure that there are many beneficial effects on our health: it has a diuretic action, prevents our organism for osteoporosis, helps our intestinal transit, improves anaemia, increases the cholesterol production and regulates blood coagulation.

It’s a good idea: one beer a day keeps the doctor away. Wasn’t like that?


Avocado it’s a fatty food and we usually think it will put some weight on us, that’s why we don’t use it in our diet plan. But we should know that the fatty on Avocado is the good one and the one our organism needs – it has unsaturated fatty acids, which increase the good cholesterol levels. Besides, it has crucial minerals and vitamins. Researchers say that it prevents the fluid retention, treats diabetes, reduces joint swelling and takes care of the immunological system.

It’s a good idea: a piece per day.


We all love to accompany our meals with this food and it won’t put weight on us as much as dietitians make us believe. We have done the math: 100 g of fat have 900 calories and 100 g of bread only have around 240 calories.

Plus, experts ensure that it’s a main source of minerals that our organism needed such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Bread helps to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. And its fibre content is a significant nutrient for our digestive health, cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2.

It’s a good idea: approximately 300 g per day.