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Fall in love with Peru all over again with delicious pisco cocktails

In Madrid there is a bar that reminds of the best cantinas in Lima. Using Peruvian ingredients and cooking dishes from the chifa, criolla and Nikkei cuisine, ‘Tiradito’ will transport you to Arequipa, Trujillo, Lima, Cuzco… But we are not here today to talk about its cuisine; we are here to find out more about their cocktail making.

This restaurant has elaborated, and recently expended, a very extensive menu of pisco-based cocktails. What is pisco? That would be Peru’s national drink. Although the varieties of this drink are many, pisco is a grape aguardiente (spirit) that has a millenary tradition in Peru.

This is why Alex Santivañez, the young Peruvian cocktail maker in charge of the Pisco Bar, has presented his new creations, all of them with a pisco base, amongst which we can single out the following:

Piscotonic: quebranta pisco, tonic and lime juice.

Citronela: pisco, lime juice, citronella pulp, sugar and St. Germain- elderflower liquor.

Aguaymanto: pisco macerated in aguaymanto, sugar and peach.

Piscoginger: macerated pisco in ginger, star anise, sugar and lime.

We also love some of the previous creations at the bar. Here are some recommendations:

Piscolada: coconut, strawberry, pineapple juice, lime syrup and pisco.

Pisco en dos tiempos: pisco sour mousse, macerated strawberry and red fruits, pineapple syrup and dehydrated strawberries.

Charapita: mango mousse, Italian grape pisco, pink pepper and lime syrup.