Why Milan wants to ban night-time sales of pizza and ice cream

The fashion capital is proposing this bill to curb mass tourism.

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Mass tourism is disrupting everything from real estate to hotels and restaurants. In fact, different European cities are implementing a series of regulations to alleviate this situation that, in some way, destabilises the ‘wellbeing’ or peace of residents.

Milan has been one of the cities to join this collective movement with a proposal that has generated controversy, to say the least. It is based on a ban on the sale of pizza and ice cream after midnight in order to reduce the noise in the streets caused by the commotion of people participating in its nightlife culture.

It is a new law limiting visits and restricting sales in bars, ice cream parlours and restaurants after midnight during Milan’s high season; it is part of a package of measures proposed by the Department of Public Safety and Civil Protection.

Councillor Marco Granelli said: ‘We are looking for a balance between socialising and entertainment and the peace and health of residents, while respecting the economic activity of businessmen and entrepreneurs.

If the law is passed, it would mean that not only the sale of pizza and ice cream, but also the sale of any other food in outdoor spaces between 00:30 and 6:00 on weekdays, and between 1:30 and 6:00 on weekends in 12 districts of Milan, including popular central districts such as Brera and Ticineses, would be strictly forbidden.