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Sabrina Carpenter drops an ice cream inspired by her hit ‘Espresso’

The singer takes to the stage in this icy collaboration with the Van Leeuwen brand.

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Sabrina Carpenter is teaming up with famous ice cream brand Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to launch the new summer flavour inspired by the liquid trend and her hit ‘Espresso’. The singer announced the news via Instagram stories on June 8, along with the release date of the collaboration. ‘Available from JUNE 28th!!!!!’ Carpenter wrote above a photo of her hands holding the tub of ice cream.

The limited edition ice cream, which features a photo of herself on the cover of the single, has a flavour that mixes swirls of coffee and chocolate. While showing off the ice cream, Carpenter joked with the lyrics of her song: ‘It’s that sweet’.

The news of this sweet collaboration with Van Leeuwen came days after she announced that her next album, ‘Short n’ Sweet’, will be released on 23 August.