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Until 25 March, the c de c, the annual event of the Club de Creativos, will take place in San Sebastian, a meeting point for all types of professionals related to creativity. The Kursaal Conference Centre will welcome Monica Moro, president of the c de c, and speakers such as the journalist Ana Pastor and the actor and scriptwriter Eduardo Casanova. But also other profiles such as Alex Katz, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Officer & Gentleman or Eva de Lera, founder and executive producer of Lobo Kane. And as creativity has to be fed well, we have selected some of the best restaurants in San Sebastian with creative cuisine. Because San Sebastian is a gastronomic capital and few can beat it when it comes to creative proposals. Take note!


In a four-storey mansion dating from 1897, Juan Mari Arzak experiments with flavours, textures and elaboration processes that are then reflected in a menu. He offers constantly evolving dishes and elaborations from this research cuisine and from the ‘bank of flavours’ that the restaurant has (it contains more than 1,000 products and ingredients with which to research and continue creating). And all thanks to his team: his daughter Elena, Pello Aramburu (head chef) and the people in charge of the research kitchen, Xabier Gutiérrez and Igor Zalakain. Arzak enlightens the blindest palate, making it think with an awareness of enjoyment. He has raised the social status of vegetables and offal, always using that paternal varnish that he stamps on everything he does without snobbish prejudices.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

San Sebastián. Avenida Alcalde José Elosegui, 273
943 27 84 65 / 943 28 55 93
Tasting menu: €260 . Menu: €230

Martín Berasategui 

The story of an unstoppable rise. In 1994, just opened, he got his first Michelin star, two years later he received his second and in 2001, his third. This is only here – because Martín has twelve stars – although his obsession has always been to teach his team how to cook so that they understand him without having to say a word: that they see a product and distinguish its virtues and defects so that, from there, they can do pure, generous work with character. He defends that good cooking is immediate, that which stews, braises and sautés with a minimum of broths, fats or disturbing elements. A txipis broth, oysters in watercress chlorophyll, chestnut soup, gazpacho in vineyard peach, viera and soya curd are some examples, all anthological.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

Lasarte-Oria. Loidi, 4
943 36 64 71
Tasting Menu: €315. Menu: €190-220


It is a space where gastronomy is cared for from the point of view that gastronomy is culture, leisure, business and talent. All under the direction of Pedro Subijana. In its 52 years of existence, Akelarre has learned to choose the best ingredients, to surround them with masterly formulas and to keep abreast of the latest trends, above all, seeking balance. Pedro has managed to establish a country brand through attributes such as quality and exclusivity. In his two menus you can try dishes such as Royal de pichón with morokil, cephalopods in different cooking methods or sheep’s milk. Today Ana, his daughter, manages the entire gastronomic space, especially the hotel, which has 22 rooms. A friendly and familiar atmosphere, where they offer a cuisine with a little story.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

San Sebastián. Paseo Orcolaga, 56 (Monte Igueldo)
943 31 12 09
Aranori y Bekarki Menu: €270


Located in the old part of town, near the temples of Santa Maria and Gaztelubide (Sociedad Gastronómica), is this Michelin-starred luxury tasca, where the cuisine straddles the line between avant-garde and classic. A serious, luxurious restaurant, where this chef called Daniel López – a bit of a sponge, although he is getting older – thinks globally, but works locally, in a city, Donostia, which is open and constantly evolving.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

San Sebastián. Campanario, 11
943 42 19 04
Menú de mercado: €90. Tasting Menu: €140

Zazpi by San Telmo 

Paul Arrillaga is starting up again, in this case in the San Telmo museum in the capital of Gipuzkoa. He brings with him a renewed air, an evolved offer, but based on his fantastic taste and good work, with adaptations of his personal vision of traditional Basque cuisine. He works with juices, sauces and gravies, in pots and pans, hours of cooking that are transformed into a cuisine with soul. His signature dishes include: monkfish collagen, cauliflower and Pirinea caviar; hake, porrusalda, umami and euskal txerri (Basque pork) or suckling pig with crispy sound. It has a bar, dining room and a more informal terrace.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

San Sebastián. Plaza Zuloaga, 1
943 50 67 67
Tasting Menu: €65. Menu: €50-60

Mirador de Ulía

Rubén Trincado is the third generation of cooks in this house that his mother (grandmother), Faustina Zaldua, bought in 1966 on the Monte Ulía promenade. Since then, his children, Michel – Rubén’s father – and Mari Carmen Trincado, have used the kitchen as a vehicle of culture that moves according to the logic of the products. In their menu, almost everything is different, even the gazetteer, where in each entry what rules is precisely that, the product. And all in this spectacular vantage point with the best views of San Sebastian.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

San Sebastián. Paseo de Ulía, 193
943 27 27 07
Tasting menus: 115 y 135 €


Good presentation and staging for this restaurant in the Gros neighbourhood, the new cool gastronomic area of the capital of San Sebastian. The menu of the Galerna restaurant, which used to be the old Nutcracker, offers a wide range of products where Rebeca Barainka conveys her passion for her trade with finger food or spoon and fork dishes. She uses local suppliers to provide her touch of creative cuisine, combining dishes such as octopus ragout, Andean potato and Basque mojo, crunchy cured river trout or coastal tear peas.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

San Sebastián. Paseo Colon, 46
943 27 88 39
Tasting menu: €89 y 164


Although it occupies 14th place in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants (after 14 years in the top ten) and has two Michelin stars, this beautiful farmhouse continues to serve lively and different food that leaves no one indifferent. It is light, but at the same time forceful, and in which we can find all the herbs and spices that add delicacy to the flavour. His is a tale of stories, gestures and emotions around the table that stimulates all the senses and, at times, returns to the most primitive habits. Andoni has a way of understanding creativity that makes no sense when it is separated from his personality. This is something great for the world.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

Errenteria. Aldura Gunea Aldea, 20
943 52 24 55
Menu: 242 €


The Txapartegi brothers have been able to continue the family tradition since 1942, when, on the initiative of their maternal grandmother, this establishment was opened as a bar with a dining room where daily set menus were served with casseroles. It is just over ten years since Gorka took over the kitchen with the help of his brothers, Kepa in the kitchen and Mikel in the dining room and, since then, his creations balance tradition and modernity. The way they work is based on tasteful cuisine and unbeatable seasonal products.

By: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

Hondarribia. Mirasoroeta, 1
94364 27 89
Menus: 96 y 135 €. Menu: 60-75 €

And if you’re looking for a more casual concept, here are some suggestions of bars in San Sebastian that you should also visit.

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