Where Tapas eat in Ceuta during the Forbes Summit Reinventing Ceuta

The conference will be held on 23 May at the Assembly Palace.

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Ceuta will host this Thursday the new edition of ‘Reinventing Ceuta‘, the Summit focused on the analysis of the national business, political and media panorama with the aim of revealing the challenges and opportunities we face as a country.

To make the experience much more enjoyable, Tapas recommends some of the best restaurants in the city where you can taste its gastronomy with European and African influences. Enjoy your meal!


Hugo Ruiz, the chef-owner of the former Bugao restaurant in Ceuta, turned the concept around to transform it into Goichu: a benchmark establishment on the Ceuta scene with a renewed proposal that fuses Basque, Oriental and fish from the Strait of Gibraltar, combining the sea with the land and meats of northern Spain in a menu acclaimed by critics and by all the diners who have passed through its tables.

Where is it located? Calle Independencia, 15, 51001.

Piscolabis Gastrobar Ceuta

Piscolabis Gastrobar, Tapas Magazine’s T de Oro restaurant, defines itself as ‘the king of the countryside’ and the ‘king of the sea’. The second project of Hugo Ruiz, one of the great national culinary figures, is located on the Ribiera beach, and has permanent views of the south bay. Its menu features dishes such as red almadraba tuna and Iberian pork in multiple versions. Top quality products that translate into essential dishes such as its red tuna tarantelo toast with black truffle or its tuna cachopo with mojama, payoyo and kimuchi.

Where is it? Calle de la Independencia, 3, 51001.


In this gastronomic oasis, diners can escape to authentic Moroccan cuisine with dishes such as crispy breua, kefta kebabs, traditional couscous, carrot salads, marinated aubergines or beetroot, lamb noodles and homemade Arabic pastas. Preparations designed by Malika and Ramón Pouso with which they have won the devotion of several generations of customers from the viewpoint of Monte Hacho.

Where is it? Urb. San Antonio, 89, 51001 Ceuta.

El Muelle

Another of our great recommendations is the Bar Restaurante El Muelle in Ceuta. One of the most renowned places in its gastronomic scene where you can savour delicious vegetarian meals with tasty sauces and spices. From apple croquettes to grilled meats and fish. El Muelle is anchored forever in the Marina, Av. Juan Pablo II, s/n, 51001 Ceuta.

Ítaca Gastro Restaurante

The Ítaca restaurant stands out for its avant-garde and locally inspired signature dishes. A whole edible imaginary materialised on the basis of fresh market produce, with the best spices with which to add unique mixtures with which to create these elaborations of global cuisine with hints of fusion. From high-quality honeyed, dry and brothy rice dishes to meat and fish dishes elevated to the sphere of haute cuisine by chef Alfredo Abril.

Where is it? C. Camoens, 5, 51001.

Mesón Restaurante Alberto

For those who want to fully immerse themselves in the traditional gastronomic experience of Ceuta, this restaurant is the ideal place. Mesón Restaurante Alberto has made a name for itself in the city’s culinary offerings with its fresh fish and seafood dishes, such as its grilled snapper or its seafood grill. However, its menu also includes succulent meat options such as its sirloin steak, to be savoured in a cosy atmosphere, together with a wide range of Mediterranean dishes to share.

Where is it? Av. de África, Block 19, Bajo, 51002.