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What are the iconic Cookie Monster cookies made of?

The Sesame Street puppeteer reveals the secret of the iconic biscuit recipe.

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If you were born between the 80s and the 00s, or your conscience was awakened during those years, your childhood memory will probably be foregrounded by Sesame Street. A children’s series inhabited by a cast of nostalgic characters like the Cookie Monster, a blue, scruffy puppet who devoured seemingly delicious biscuits.

Timed to coincide with National Cookie Day today, we unpack this magical formula, which has just been revealed to The New York Times by the character’s own puppeteer, Lara MacLean. As the author says, the recipe, which she developed in the 2000s, includes pancake mix, Grape-Nuts, puffed rice, instant coffee and water. Once made, the biscuits are covered with bits of brown glue gun glue that evoke chocolate chips.

Aside from the glue, they can be quite edible, if not appetizing. And beyond the recipe, MacLean said in the interview that the biscuits were ‘like dog treats’ that he baked at home, in sequences of two dozen per episode, generated with that crumbly texture that triggers laughter from the audience.

‘If you eat the biscuit and it only breaks into two pieces if it’s too hard, it’s not funny. It looks almost painful,’ Rudman continues. ‘But if you eat a biscuit and it explodes into a hundred crumbs, that’s where the comedy comes from.’