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The Umai Group expects to have a turnover of 15 million in 2024

Se avecina un año exitoso para la matriz de las marcas Robata y Monster Sushi.

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The Asian restaurant company has followed a process of constant expansion over the last two years, with the opening of seven establishments in Barcelona and Madrid. With them, they achieved a turnover of 12.5 million euros in 2023. A figure that they intend to increase to 15 million by the end of this year, thanks to new restaurants that will be incorporated into the hotel constellation of Marc Conte, the group’s CEO.

According to La Vanguardia, these are star restaurants, one of which will be located in the Time Out Market, the gastronomic market that will open in the Maremàgnum. It will operate under the Monster Sushi brand and will be active during the summer, just in time for the great activity expected with the celebration of the America’s Cup,’ explains Conte.

The other Monster Sushi restaurant, a more informal culinary concept than Robata, will open its doors in autumn, including delivery, in the uptown area of the Catalan capital, adding to the collection of restaurants founded in 2010 by Fabiola Lairet and Ricardo Figuera.