This is why a New York coffee shop has banned influencers from entering

Simple but avant-garde aesthetic, with butter cubes decorated with chess, flowers and paintings, it is a delight for those who observe it. So much so, that in order to enjoy it better, the use of laptops inside was prohibited.

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Dae is not only a newly created Korean cafe. Inside, in addition to enjoying unique food and coffee, you can buy kitchen accessories. Its simple but avant-garde aesthetic, with butter cubes decorated with chess, flowers, and paintings, is a delight for those who observe it. So much so, that in order to enjoy it better, the use of laptops inside was prohibited.

However, even if there were no computers, the influencers did bring their cameras or mobile phones en masse to record themselves in the well-kept cafeteria. Far from being positive, its massive arrival disconcerted customers and owners. So the owners have banned influencers: “The Tiktok and Instagram photo shoots have gotten a little out of control ,” read a post on their Instagram this week.


Their MBB (ACQ milkbread + butter) is almost too pretty to eat! 🏁🍓🧈🍞📍DAE #nyc #newyorkcity #breadandbutter #brooklyneats #nycfood

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The culprits for this success are the creators of Dae, two former employees of the Opening Ceremony stores. Its design dazzled content creators, who decided to try it and record videos for their followers.

One of the owners of the establishment, Carol Song, speaking to ‘Curbed‘, said that the influencers “had a drink and stayed for two hours taking photos.” And she defined it as ” a pitched battle” because it does not comply with any rule, not even decorum since some users simply photographed other customers’ food and did not order anything.

Song has not noticed that this measure has had a negative effect on customer arrivals. Their intention is to avoid being linked to any account and they prefer to distance themselves from passing fads that could bring in clients occasionally but do not ensure them in the long term.

They are happy with their measure and what’s more, they regret not having started sooner: “I regret that we didn’t do it from the beginning“.