Gohar World opens its first store in New York City

Gohar World's surreal art is now available for purchase in person at its first physical location in New York.

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The surreal brand that was born just three years ago by sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar continues to grow now with a physical store in the heart of New York’s SoHo neighborhood. Their alternative universe of tableware that combines craftsmanship, tradition and humor is now available in the first Gohar World store. The store, designed by Rafael Prieto, has all the essence of the brand, with an interior lined with wallpaper and custom layers of photos that Prieto shot in the South of France.

On their social media, the Gohar sisters have been excitedly announcing the step-by-step lead up to the store’s opening on October 12. “We are excited to invite everyone to our little planet in person, and experience all of our items in real life,” Gohar World posted on Instagram.

Christmas collection and more news

“Rafael is a longtime friend and collaborator of Gohar World, so it just felt like a natural fit for the store. His work focuses on preserving culture through the vestiges of the past, which naturally ties in with Gohar World’s values of honoring tradition and craftsmanship.”

For now, the first Gohar World location is home to the brand’s 2023 holiday collection, which also features archival pieces and classic linens, unique tableware and surreal candles. There is also new bedding, wearable accessories and signature tableware. Another highlight is the collaboration with Champagne Lallier on a limited edition featuring mother-of-pearl embellished spoons. It will be launched in the Gohar World online store from October 24.

Where is the store located? At 181 Lafayette Streette, NY 10013.