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Kendrick Lamar cements ‘Lucali’ as the stars’ favourite pizzeria

After another of his pulls on Drake.

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The Kendrick-Drake feud is known to be one of the most mythical feuds in hip hop history, which has led to a series of lyrical battles and/or fights of egos like the one we’ve seen in Lamar’s latest track. One in which the real winner seems to be Lucali Pizzeria.

From Beyoncé to Gigi Hadid, Rosalía, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney or J Balvin. All these stars are connected by having generated a great impact on pop culture, but also by the fact of having ‘recommended’ or visited at some point in their lives this Brooklyn pizzeria.

Now it’s the turn of rapper Kendrick Lamar, the latest figure to reference the place in his diss track ‘6:16 in LA’. In that beef against Drake, he mentioned this famous pizzeria that he would end up taking to the top, moving his entire audience to try the creations or the sauces of the famous American chef with Italian roots Mark Iacono.

The 5 stars now dazzle in Yelp and Google reviews of this Carroll Gardens restaurant, which Kendrick winks at in this verse: ‘My visa, my tattooed passport, I show up in Ibiza / Lucali’s dwellings in Brooklyn just to book some pizza,’ raps Lamar.

According to Genius, it’s a response to Drake’s ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’, where the 6 God raps: ‘Dot, I know you’re in that NY flat, you’re struggling right now, I know / On the notepad doing lyrical gymnastics, my boy’. A reference to the $8.6 million penthouse K.Dot bought in Brooklyn.

Lucali Pizza’s amplified success thus follows in the wake of Toronto Chinese restaurant New Ho King, which Kendrick would take to the top after mentioning it in his previous beef against Drake titled ‘Euphoria’.