This is VRABA, the Barcelona restaurant where the America’s Cup Experience will take place

The most prestigious sailing competition held between August and October in Barcelona, arrives with an immersive experience that includes haute cuisine.

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The sporting event that began to be held in 1851 celebrates this year its 37th edition in the city of Barcelona. A challenging and exciting meeting for sailing enthusiasts who in this edition will be able to participate in various immersive experiences in the Port Vell of Barcelona.

This enclave, where the ‘Americas’ Cup Experience‘ is being held, is presented as an information center where visitors can learn about the history of the America’s Cup sailing regatta, its teams of competitors and the technology behind its boats.

Beyond that, other gastronomic experiences will be included, both from the VRABA restaurant and the terrace overlooking the sea Sailor’s Cave, from which the proposal of the renowned chef will be served.

Albert Ventura, will be the culinary expert in charge of designing the menu of this event, known for democratizing haute cuisine, and for his renowned projects such as Coure or Bar Thonet. There, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the flavors of his signature dishes inspired by the author’s Mediterranean cuisine, such as sandwiches, salads, pizzas and tapas.