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There are certain foods that, because of their appearance, are not very appetizing, but their taste is delicious. One of the animals that generate this sensation are crustaceans. You either love them or hate them, there is no middle ground. Shrimps, prawns, lobsters or lobsters are real delicacies. But there are also other species that are not so common in our country, but triumph in other cultures. This is the case of the isopod that is causing a sensation in Taiwan. It has gone viral because it is served in a ramen in Taipei, it is large (14 legs) and its appearance is compared to that of a giant worm.

However, since The Ramen Boy in Taipei started serving it, there have been long queues to taste the “king of arthropods”, as the owner of the restaurant calls it. It has been launched for a limited time and with the claim of containing “the dream ingredient”. There has been a waiting list of up to 100 people for several weeks.

What is so special about this “worm”?

According to the local’s own profile this giant isopod is very tasty. The white meat tastes like lobster and crab, while the yellow glands have a texture and flavor similar to crab meat and crab paste. The overall flavor they say is surprisingly sweet. Texturally it is rather pinkish, not as chewy as lobster or crab.

At The Ramen Boy it is steamed for 10 minutes and then presented whole on top of the ramen bowl, which has chicken and fish broth. The price of this peculiar dish is approximately 45 €. Would you try it?

These crustaceans are usually found at depths of 170 meters and up to 2,140 meters, according to Taiwan’s Animal Planet. The main concern of many animal associations regarding this new fad is the possible ecological impact that an increase in fishing for these isopods could cause.

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