This is the perfect temperature to drink each wine at

The quality of a wine is as important as the temperature at which you have to drink it. We reveal to you the exact degrees it should have depending on the type of beverage you choose.

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That red wine is drunk at room temperature and white wine should be cold is something quite universal. But, did you know that in order to enjoy all the qualities and properties of a good wine to the maximum, it has to be at the right temperature? The OCU has compiled a series of tips and parameters to take into account so that you can find the right degrees at which to drink each type of wine and thus be able to taste it in all its splendor. Below we reveal the perfect temperature for each wine.

This is the optimum temperature for each type of wine

If you do not drink wine at the right temperature, it is very likely that you will not be able to perceive its qualities and, therefore, you will not enjoy it as much. According to the OCU, if you drink the wine very cold (around 2 °C or 4 °C), you will hardly be able to distinguish its aromas and the acidic flavors will stand out more. On the contrary, if the drink is above 20 °C, i.e. hot, you will notice a lot of alcohols, which will highlight the sweet flavors.

As for red wines, the ideal temperature for a young red wine is 9 °C, while the ideal temperature for a crianza red wine is 15 °C, and the reserva and gran reserva should be drunk at 17 °C.

Sweet white wine (Muscat, Pedro Ximénez) should be kept at 8 °C; young dry white wine at 10 °C; while barrel-fermented white wine should be served at 12 °C.

Finally, the ideal temperature for rosé wines is 10 °C and for fortified wines (such as sherry, Manzanilla or oloroso) it is 11 °C. The type of wine that should be drunk cooler is sparkling wine (cava, champagne, sparkling wine…), at 7 °C.

Tips for cooling wine quickly

As we do not always have a wine ready to drink at the right time, the OCU also gives us some tips and tricks so that you can cool it quickly and get the optimum temperature as soon as possible.

One of the most effective processes -and less harmful to the wine- is to put the bottle in a container with water and ice for a few minutes. What is strongly discouraged is to put the bottle in the freezer, because any sudden change in temperature could spoil such a delicate liquid as wine.

Until now, did you take into account this perfect temperature when drinking wine?