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These will be the gastro macro-trends of 2024, according to Yelp

The platform unveils its viral food and drink predictions for the year ahead.

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Food trends give chefs and restaurateurs the opportunity to anticipate the future, to incorporate into their menus dishes that diners will want in the future. Based on these parameters, Yelp publishes an annual list of trends analysed by its team of data scientists, community managers and trends expert, Tara Lewis, to provide an annual summary of what’s to come in the food scene.

The platform analysed millions of searches for keywords, phrases and businesses that experienced exponential interest between 2022 and 2023, and will have a big impact during 2024, just as pickles and gherkins did this year. Take note.

Martini universe

Yelp predicts that this year’s ode to the Espresso Martini cocktail will continue through new iterations of the classic, which will be reinvented with other unique flavours such as matcha, truffle and even tomato. The Martini renaissance has only just begun.

Girl Dinner

The viral trend of ‘girl dinners’ on TikTok has become a pop-culture phenomenon, with girls gathering together to create huge potlucks of appetizers and side dishes.

Yelp’s ‘Girl Dinner‘ forecast suggests that in the coming year girls will be dining out together more often at restaurants, with a preference for hors d’oeuvres, with a record 140% increase in searches for ‘snacking’ across the country, which will continue to rise over the coming year.

Caviar Bumps

Once a delicacy for the social elite, caviar is now becoming the latest dining trend for the average diner who wants to indulge in a little luxury at dinner.

Searches for caviar are up 31% this year and Yelp predicts that by 2024 more consumers will opt to incorporate this sophisticated food into their menu.


There is a new indigenous coffee cocktail that is attracting global interest, and that is the carajillo, a two-ingredient drink combining espresso and liqueur that has seen a 118% increase in searches this year.