What are the ‘girl dinners’ viralized on TikTok?

Suddenly all the girls online are bringing the 'Girl Dinner' phenomenon to the table, but what exactly is it all about?

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With more than 24 million views and countless posts that have flooded the internet, the hastag #GirlDinner has gone so viral on Tiktok that it even has its own theme song. If you are present and active on the social network, it is very likely that your feed has been invaded by that totally catchy tune.

The latest trendy dishes in TikTok’s culinary imagination consist of a new version of no-cook meals, called ‘girl dinners’. Built around still lifes of everyday, often chaotic appetizers, they consist of foods such as cheese, bread, fruit and cold cuts. An essentially pared-down version of the classic charcuterie board, they eliminate planning, preparation and cooking time.


From the multiple interpretations of the trend, some emerge as a decadent combination of a whole can of sardines, a handful of popcorn, gummy peach rings and pieces of cheese on a plate. Of course, in these creations the stylization of the dish must prevail over the rest, because at the end of the day it is still a product projected on the Internet.


And I have two cookbooks full of more #girldinner ideas. I’ve found my people 🙌 #charcuterie #cheeseboard #thatcheeseplate

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This video concept is set to a “girl dinNeEEERrrrRRRRRrr” song in the background, of which there are already over 3,000 archived posts from women sharing their ‘girl dinners’. A latent ritual that has triggered polarized reactions on the entertainment platform: the positive ones, in relation to saving time in the kitchen, and the negative ones linked to its dubious effect on health.