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These are the new coffees launched by Samra Origins, the brand of The Weeknd and Blue Bottle Coffee

The singer created together with Blue Bottle the Samra Origins line of coffees, named after his mother. He has just launched two new products.

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In the summer Blue Bottle Coffee and The Weeknd – along with his record label XO – joined forces to create the Samra Origins coffee brand, which celebrates Ethiopian culture and coffee excellence. Now they have just launched two new products from this brand named after the artist’s mother. On the one hand, Samra Origins Single Origin Vol. 1, a naturally processed bean that offers a bold and fruity flavor; and on the other, Vol. 2, where the organic matter is removed from the coffee and the bean is washed with water to obtain a cleaner and lighter flavor.

“Samra Origins is a true passion project that I hope will inspire curiosity and encourage support for the people of Ethiopia, while spreading the warmth and friendship so ingrained in Ethiopian culture,” commented Abel Tesfaye, real name The Weeknd. These two new products are available from December 4 and can be purchased online for $22 a bag.

Samra Origins Single Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are as follows

Samra Origins Single Origin Vol. 1 is a celebration of naturally processed Ethiopian coffee from the renowned Hambela Estate. It is a “gateway coffee” of sorts, possessing uninhibited fruity notes of grapefruit and nectarine. But it is also complemented by delicate aromas of rose, hibiscus, dried strawberries and raspberries.

Vol 2. is a tribute to Ethiopian washed processed coffee, specifically from the Gedeb region. Here they make some of the most expressive coffees in the world, which have a good balance of citrus and jasmine, and their initial aroma is reminiscent of Earl Grey tea.

On the brand’s website, you can also find other products such as instant coffee, Matcha, kettle, and even sweatshirts, among other garments.