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Madrid has earned a place among the world’s most gastronomically attractive cities, and many of its restaurants arouse so many passions that they have a waiting list of weeks -and even months- to reserve a table on weekends. One of them is the irreverent and disturbing DiverXo, of Dabiz Muñoz, always at the forefront; but among the most desired restaurants we can also find other temples of gastronomy selected in the ‘Guía Tapas para Comerse y Beberse España’, such as Ugo Chan or Smoked Room; and, of course, our brand new Tapas Best New Restaurant: OSA, the best opening of the year.



“OSA aims to be the home of all of Madrid,” said Jorge Muñoz, one of the architects of the restaurant, when picking up the Tapas Best New Restaurant award this Monday. Jorge Muñoz and Sara Peral fantasized about having a place in which to develop their particular concept of gastronomy, and that ‘house’ full of talent and enthusiasm, their dream, has already earned them recognition for the most relevant opening of the year -although it was only two months ago that they discovered its doors-. Both define themselves as artisans, “goldsmiths who polish until the essence comes to the surface”. And their dishes, authentic works of art, pay tribute to tradition, harmonized with an exceptional wine list.


Gone is the wild and wild Dabiz, although, fortunately, something remains. Now he considers that he has matured, calmed down and faces the battle in a different way. He never stops taking risks, provoking and creating authentic bestialities in a restaurant that is a whole universe parallel to life outside. How good it is to travel with him by the hand: quail sabusabu, crabs with kimchi or his version of fried eggs with black pudding. Unforgettable that series of Indian cuisine. And how well it suits DiverXO Marta Campillo, its young headwaiter and National Gastronomy Award in 2021. It has been proclaimed the fourth best restaurant in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022.

Ugo Chan

Hugo Muñoz is one of those perennial smiles of the Madrid scene. With his sights always set on Japan, after captaining the proposals of strong gastronomic groups, he has consecrated himself in his new ‘home’ shining with his own light, and what a joy. It opened barely a year ago and already boasts a Repsol sun in its interior, a place with a bar and tables. Her omakase – born from her passion for stews and recipes based on popular wisdom – has already become a reference: her fish of the day kizukuri with Getaria-style bilbaína, mussel sunomono, tripe gyoza madrileña style and a wine cellar that Leticia takes care of as well as the dining room, are some of the reasons.

Barracuda MX

The Puerta de Alcalá is full of life, of idle terraces, of selfies and even of newlyweds who decide to create there the album of their memories. But you only have to take a few steps to find yourself in front of another door, in this case made of rustic wood. Inside, the Mexican Caribbean: carved fish, grilled shrimp or octopus ceviches, guacamole with coastal sauce. And be careful, Roberto Ruiz is not afraid of meat, as you can taste the Wagyu memela or the cochinita pibil panucho. Remember that here the mezcaliña (cocktail) will be your greatest ally against the spicy.


This restaurant, headed by the Sandoval brothers, is undoubtedly one of the gastronomic temples par excellence not only in the capital, but also at a national level. With more than 40 years of history -one that began in Humanes and continued in the heart of Madrid-, its chairs have been the support of so many stories that vertebrate our society and culture. Their suckling pig needs no introduction, nor does the wine cellar that Rafa guards. They have two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns. The space, designed by the designer Jean Porsche, is a faithful witness of a journey that passes through the cocktail bar, wine cellar, kitchen and dining room, and ends in absolute enjoyment.

Smoked Room

Don’t panic, you won’t be smoked. But you are going to feel the trace left by the grill (and the smokers) in each of the dishes that make up their tasting menu. Before arriving, you have to cross a long corridor, where a bar for six people and only two tables await you, as the show is best seen in the front row. The reason for so much minimalism? The Japanese inspiration from which Dani García has drawn, based on exclusivity and proximity. Dani knows a lot and does it well, as evidenced by the two Michelin stars he has earned in just six months.

Ramón Freixa

Located in the five-star Único Madrid, Ramón Freixa shares his name with this restaurant that he has been running for almost 20 years. A two Michelin star restaurant where you can immerse yourself in the most innovative Catalan tradition that the chef pampers in detail. His proposal can be enjoyed through three menus that contain bites turned into pieces of goldsmithery. Product in all its splendor as the sequence in which he studies the tomato, or the reflection on Cebreiro cheese, which become key pieces of a round experience accompanied by a careful service. A tribute to enjoy with all five senses.

Paco Roncero

Back in 1990, when haute cuisine was just beginning to become a reality, La Terraza del Casino witnessed the arrival of avant-garde cuisine. 30 years, it is said soon, in which it has not ceased to be at the foot of the cannon and in which it has managed to shine -it has two Michelin stars- among the greatest. Both inside and on its terrace, which has some of the best views of the city, it gives free rein to iconic elaborations within the international cuisine, with the exclusive and quality product as its flag.


After arriving in the capital in 2004, in the kitchens of Club Allard, Diego Guerrero, yogi and entrepreneur, became independent in Chueca, opening DStAgE. This place with an industrial air and a modern kitchen was awarded its first Michelin star in 2007 and its second in 2010. Now we can say with confidence that he has colonized the neighborhood and from his ‘mother house’ he continues to exude a freedom and creativity that leaves no one indifferent. Product susceptible to become trompe l’oeil and elaborations that invite to think: a show in charge of Guerrero with a stage at the height from which to observe.

By: Victoria Bravo y Natalia Martínez

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