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Tapas Magazine has celebrated at the Real Fábrica de Tapices the second edition of the Tapas Best New Restaurant, which rewards the most relevant openings of the last year. This 2023, the award has been granted to the restaurant OSA, the new “house” of Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz, which has arrived with a strong footprint thanks to its particular concept of gastronomy. The event, headed by Andrés Rodríguez, president of SpainMedia and editor and director of FORBES and TAPAS Magazine, was sponsored by DS Automobiles, Font Vella and Vermut Lustau. In addition, it was hosted by journalist Flora González and was attended by big names from the world of gastronomy.

During the award ceremony, Andrés Rodríguez highlighted the good moment that Madrid’s gastronomy is going through, which is experiencing “a second youth”, where current chefs are authentic “rock stars”, such as Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz, the creators of this restaurant located on the banks of the Manzanares River and which is giving a lot to talk about. And that has been one of the main reasons that have led OSA to receive this recognition.

OSA, the new ‘home’ of Madrid

In a very short time -they opened just two months ago- it has become the ‘house’ that everyone wants to visit, “It is difficult to describe what a diner feels when he or she puts his or her hands in their hands, but we could summarize it in the dream of two enthusiasts: Jorge and Sara, supported by the work of Fernando Cuenllas and the passion, experience and generosity of Alejandro Zubillaga”, said Andrés Rodríguez himself when he presented the award.

For their part, the protagonists of the day, Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz, thanked Tapas for this recognition, but above all they wanted to highlight the great work of the whole team, without whom all this “would not be possible”. Before joining together in a big group hug with Sara herself, the sommelier Silvia Machado and the head waitress, Eva Angoloti, Jorge ended his speech by saying that “OSA aims to be the home of all of Madrid”. They say that you should never start the house from the roof, but OSA has started its journey from the top.

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