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Hamburgers have become one of the most outstanding gastronomic trends in recent years thanks to their gourmet nature. Every year more and more suggestive recipes emerge with which to surprise an increasingly demanding consumer.

Undoubtedly, the hamburger world is experiencing one of its best moments, combining quality, flavor and innovation. Michelin-starred chef Carlos Maldonado discovers what the burgers we will be eating in 2023 will be like.

Gourmet hamburgers


The world of gourmet burgers is advancing by leaps and bounds, with proposals based on experimentation and culinary curiosity. This year we will see proposals that focus on the quality of the ingredients, combining meats such as lamb, wagyu or black angus with other ingredients such as foie gras, truffle or guacamole, in order to enhance the flavor of each bite.

In this sense, chef Carlos Maldonado, creator of El Círculo, elevates the gastronomic value of this dish with Lujuria, a best seller formula thanks to the truffled carbonara or the smoked bacon bolognese that includes Traición, sauces that reinforce the flavor of the Galician blonde beef.

Extreme flavors

Another trend that is here to stay is extreme flavors thanks to the combination of spices, sauces and dressings. These new frontiers of flavor, only suitable for the most daring, translate into very interesting recipes. This is the case of Carlos Maldonado’s Heresy. The chef achieves the explosion of flavors by combining a double lamb burger, melted cheddar cheese, brioche with half a branded donut and herbed salad dressed with tapenade curry yogurt sauce and plum jelly.

Smash Burguers

A technique par excellence in the United States, smash burguers will continue to conquer palates in 2023. They are made from a ball of meat that, once placed on a hot griddle, is flattened into the shape of an ultra-thin disk. Such has been its success this past year that this trend has been the winner in the II Hamburger Contest of Spain: the proposal that has been on the podium in the last edition was the Double Smashed Burger of Galician blonde cow from Junk Burger.

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