These are the ethical conduct guidelines that Mercadona’s suppliers must respect

The supermarket establishes a set of codes of good conduct with which companies supplying goods to the supermarket must comply.

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Mercadona‘s ethical commandment is based on a system of values ranging from labour rights to transparency and sustainability.

Its guidelines for good conduct are framed within its commitment to Social Responsibility and the United Nations Global Compact, which are applied both internally and to its suppliers.

The document in question addresses aspects such as respect for animals. The treatment of animals by their suppliers must comply with the so-called ‘5 Freedoms’: food, comfort, health, natural behaviour and safe environment. Fish suppliers must also subscribe to a sustainable catch policy document, which was created seven years ago.

In case of non-compliance, Mercadona reserves the right to terminate the commercial relationship immediately, subject to written notice to the supplier.

Another point focuses on violence and harassment in the workplace. The supplier shall not engage in any discriminatory practices based on race, gender, marital status, disability or any other status, thereby providing equal opportunities for the professional development of workers3′.

In addition the supermarket advocates sustainability and respect for the environment. Therefore the supplier must comply with applicable environmental legislation in the management of waste, air emissions, noise, waste water discharges, land degradation and change of use of forest land. Appropriate and authorised waste management as well as measures for the reuse of waste shall be carried out,’ the mandate states.