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The supermarket as an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration

Superstores have become the quintessential backdrops for passing loves, fashion campaigns and TV series promos.

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Everything is just around the corner. The good luck, the misstep, the opportunity you may not see coming, the bar you’ve been looking for and even the love of your life. As that voice-over in your navigator would say, you always end up at your destination. It’s a similar story in supermarkets. If you have the brilliant idea of asking the people who work in these large supermarkets for skimmed milk, lactose-free and with zero fat, the answer comes in the manual they give you on the first day you enter this business: in the next aisle.

It is left to chance whether it is the one to the right or to the left of your location. If you ask for the happiness aisle, the saturated fat aisle, the answer will be the same. You only need to have frequented these places regularly to know this. We haven’t done the test, but if we were to ask about Diesel’s autumn/winter 2021 fashion campaign, the friendly shop assistants would say: “In the next aisle”. And so it was.

More and more luxury -and not-so-luxury- brands are filming and photographing their fashion campaigns in these locations. The reason may be due to the brands’ appetite and need to be part of the routine of those of us who invest money and attention in their products. Why wouldn’t an Hermés Birkin feel like a fish in water in these aisles? Is a Nike tracksuit just for working up a sweat in the gym? Nothing like the inclusion of these accessories in everyday activities to prove it.

The trend has gone one step further: TV has also fallen for it. HBO’s ‘Girls’, the HBO series premiered in 2012, demonstrated this by making some scenes of the protagonists’ torrid lives take place among tins of tinned food and varieties of fruit, or when for one of its promos the platform placed the girls in the sweetest aisle of the supermarket.