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These are Albert Adrià’s favourite American dishes

The Catalan chef reveals to Tasting Table his must-try foods when he visits the USA.

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Albert Adrià is a benchmark for experimental and futuristic cuisine, but also for traditional national gastronomy. A talent that he exhibits and serves in his restaurant Enigma in Barcelona and in his gastrobar Inopia Classic Bar, offering a very broad spectrum of tastes, references and gastronomies connected under the same culinary identity with which he has achieved, among other things, Michelin recognition.

Now, the emblematic chef is giving an exclusive interview to Tasting Table, who asked him about his favourite North American dishes. In the first instance, they focused on the gastronomy of Miami, in connection with his upcoming Massimo Bottura tribute dinner at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Well, surprisingly, their must-try Miami tastings are fast food related. ‘One of my favourite things is sandwiches,’ he reveals. ‘In Miami, the Cuban sandwich…. [And] I became very good friends [with a Venezuelan] in Miami last time because he invited me to eat Miami Slice Pizza, where he recommends, in particular, the leek with bacon and garlic confit cream or La Salsera, with three types of sauce (pesto, tomato and vodka).

Adrià also said that he appreciates classic American food, such as wings and hamburgers. But he is a haute cuisine chef at heart, and he also has some favourite upscale restaurants in the United States. I’ve also been to La Mar, at Gaston Acu’s Mandarin Oriental.