The new viral trend for styling watermelon this summer

How to present fruit this summer? TikTok, as always, has the answer.

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The entertainment platform continues to influence the aesthetic and gastronomic trends of the universe with innovative and unusual concepts to captivate us all through the screen.

Within this infinite virtual space of fleeting micro-trends, there is now a new one that revolves around watermelon, and the best way to present it, whether you are a gastronomic stylist or an amateur. Because, at the end of the day, food often ends up entering through the eyes.

This is how Heather Wish Staller (@happykidskitchen) reflects it in a video that generated obsession on the net, for her fun and adorable way to serve fresh watermelon chunks. The trick? Cutting the fruit into the shape of potato chips with a zigzag cutter, and accompanying it with a dip that you can easily whip up in a blender.


🍉Watermelon “Fries” with Easy Strawberry Yogurt Dip: So fun and refreshing! Blend plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with 3 to 4 strawberries (and optional honey or other sweetener to taste) then serve with sticks of watermelon. I used a crinkle cutter which you can buy on Amazon or any kitchen store. Make sure to refrigerate and serve chilled! Happy summer!! #momsoftiktok #watermelon #funfood #healthykidsfood

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

The zigzag-shaped serrated knife becomes the utensil with which to make these longitudinal and transversal cuts with which to sculpt the watermelon. Then, a series of condiments and accompaniments are added to these “healthy version fries” to intensify the flavor of the summer fruit: natural Greek yogurt, a handful of strawberries and a touch of honey, creating an aesthetic, rich and healthy composition. What more could you ask for?