Tea Bombs: how to prepare the TikTok trend

After the ‘chocolate bombs’ comes this new aesthetic iteration for tea lovers.

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During the winter, TikTok‘s users dedicated themselves to making hot chocolate bombs: hollow chocolates that melted in steamed milk. Now, projecting that relentless creativity that characterizes them, they wanted to recreate it with another ingredient: tea.

Perhaps more ethereal and aesthetically pleasing than their cocoa predecessors, these tea bombs, which look like little glass balls, involve a precise and intricate culinary process.

These come in a myriad of flavors and colors with translucent and often shiny coatings: from vanilla chai tea bombs to taro milk tea with white chocolate or halal cashmere tea. They are even often coated with metallic finishes or edible glitter.

The idea to appreciate the real effect of the bomb is to pour hot water so that the sphere melts and lets the tea leaves and dried flowers inside dance in the glass until it is ready to drink.

The bombs are made with melted sugar or isomalt that are placed in silicone molds to achieve the sculpted ball shape. Once the sugar is fully set and hardened, they can be filled with loose tea, tea bags or flowers before joining the two sides of the bomb together. And just like the hot chocolate bombs, pouring hot liquid over them will gently melt the outer shell to make way for a fancy cup of tea.