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Tapas Weekend: what to do in Madrid?

We have selected the best plans to make the most of the weekend in the capital.

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From Tapas we have compiled the best plans with which to make the most of the weekend in Madrid, and to indulge in hedonism between cultural and gastronomic experiences, festivals, events and museums. Grab your diary and take note of our weekly proposal.


On Friday we will visit the pop up of one of our favourite brands Nii Hai installed in the mutant gallery of Bate Social Store. In its diaphanous and creative space, a collection of denim pieces from the British brand with a Y2K aesthetic adored by the new generations will be on display; they will be available temporarily until 28 October.

Later in the evening, we’ll be hosting an American burger party at home, sponsored by Pink’s and their iconic 50s and 60s smash burgers. Their viral creation, now available to order via Glovo, is a gourmet creation based on aged Galician beef cooked in the ultra smash technique with American cheese, onions, sweet and sour pickles and ketchup on a delicious Pan Martin’s potato starch bun.


On Saturday morning, we will relegate ourselves to contemplative life and contemporary art in the new edition of ‘Estampa Contemporary Art Fair‘.

In the different rooms of the space, the works of a whole constellation of international and national galleries such as ‘Galería de Arte Juana de Aizpuru’, ‘1MiraMadrid’ or ‘Galería Cayón’ will be exhibited, which show the growing interest of the public in galleries and collecting.

This art fair will also showcase the work of emerging artists such as Jaime Urdiales, who will be exhibiting his new collection ‘Hidden Scenarios‘ made up of nine paintings and a sculpture in which he once again reflects his artistic identity marked by satire and meme culture. 

From IFEMA we will head to Grosso Napoletano (C. Santa Engracia), to taste the new ‘Edizione Limitata VI‘ by the best pizzaiolo in the world Diego Vitagliano, who presents his special creation ‘Il Diecicuenta’: a pizza calzzone that evokes the tortellini of the nonna in collaboration with chef Fabrizio Polacco of Grosso Napoletano.

The ‘Il Diecicuenta‘ with the traditional Neapolitan dough with double fermentation, is filled with parmesan cream, spalla cotta di maiale (cooked pork shoulder), burro (Italian butter) and sage. If you want to try it, hurry up, because it will only be available for a month in its physical restaurants and in delivery format.


Our Sunday sunrise will be stimulated by the film genre, specifically by the documentary ‘CROSSROADS‘ by the art collective Boa Mistura, which deals with art as a transformative tool. 

Crossroads: Boa Mistura’s circular journey‘ is set against the backdrop of the Cape Town suburbs and is a journey through painting. Through coincidences with various communities a line of the collective’s work is traced, which finds its roots in graffiti.’

The screening at Cine Embajadores at 12 noon will also include a discussion afterwards with the artists of Boa Mistura and Dan Barreri, the director of the documentary. If you still don’t have your pass, get it here.

After the immersive session, we will head to the streets that trace the new edition of ‘Tapapiés‘ to walk the gastro route of this event that arrives this year full of eclectic flavours, music and pairings with bottles and beers from El Águila Dorada.

In its bars, restaurants and establishments in the San Fernando and Antón Martín Markets, you can sample more than 103 tapas from 30 countries, fusing dishes and aromas from all over the world in the heart of Madrid.