Tapapiés 2023 arrives with an edition packed with eclectic flavours, music and beer pairings

103 tapas from 30 countries will fuse dishes and aromas from all over the world in the streets of Lavapiés.

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The new edition of Tapapiés 2023 offers a glimpse of the multi-cultural gastronomic richness through a proposal that will be served from Thursday 19 to Sunday 29 October in 86 bars and restaurants, as well as in 17 establishments in the San Fernando and Antón Martín Markets.

From ‘dorayakis de mechada’ to ‘chanchitos tropicales’, ‘teques ñoño’ or ‘nigiris de papada ibérica’: for only 3 euros you can combine a tapa and a bottle or beer from El Ánguila Dorada.

Tapapiés lands this year with an infinite number of inclusive tapas for all tastes and intolerances, such as vegan, vegetarian or suitable for coeliacs. And all of them from global cuisine, from Puerto Rico to Egypt, from Thailand to Navarre, from Japan to Ecuador…

Among the exotic or traditional tapas to be sampled, India has a significant presence with a total of 15 tapas, followed by Mexico, with seven, and Senegal, with six.

In addition, for the first time, tapas inspired by Norwegian and Filipino cuisine will take part, as well as Jamaican, Lebanese, Colombian, Brazilian, Cuban, Argentinian and South Korean. Not to mention a tribute to national and traditional gastronomy through 18 traditional tapas from different Spanish regions such as Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country.