The Spanish startup that has created a vegan version of foie gras

Hello Plant Foods has launched the first hyper-realistic, vegan alternative to foie gras, and it's taking sales by storm.
Hello Plant Foods, la startup española que ofrece foie gras vegano.

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In 2021, Spaniard Javier Fernández founded Hello Plant Foods with the aim of redefining the way the world eats meat and committing to feeding people with delicious and healthy products while making a positive impact on the planet. Thus, they launched their first product: the Ultra Healthy Burger, a 100% plant-based meat with a look, colour, texture, bite, juiciness, and flavour that would impress any meat lover. Now the startup has gone one step further in its food revolution and launched Fuah!, the first great hyper-realistic, vegan alternative to foie gras.

After more than a year of research, the Hello Plants Foods team managed to hit the nail on the head by creating a product that is a sales smash hit. Within 12 hours of its launch in Spain, it was completely sold out. The team stepped up the accelerator to produce more of their vegan foie gras and also increased the number of points of sale, distributing more than 30,000 units, when they initially released 5,000.

A product that also generates interest in the Horeca sector.

This vegan foie gras is made from water, cashew nuts, coconut oil, yellow lentil flour, potato starch, salt, natural flavourings, turmeric, armagnac, sucrose, spices, sunflower oil and beetroot extract. Its success lies in its spectacular taste, which exactly reproduces the characteristics of conventional foie gras. In addition, its texture with harmonious and fine nuances, its smell, and its appearance make it the best alternative to this food, and without animal suffering.

This launch coincides with a time when the price of animal foie gras is skyrocketing, there is an international shortage and many countries have taken measures to regulate or commercialise this product. The Hello Plant Foods vegan version is priced at €7.90 for 150g. Among the outlets where they are available, chains such as Alcampo stand out, as well as a lot of vegan establishments (both physical and online).

In addition, they also offer 500 g pieces that are mainly aimed at the Horeca sector. More and more restaurants are becoming interested in offering quality vegan options and, according to the company, many restaurants will soon begin to include this vegan foie gras on their menus.