This is Dani García’s secret ingredient for the potato omelette that has gone viral

The chef from Malaga shared a truffled potato omelette recipe to which he added a "controversial" ingredient, as García himself explained.

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Potato omelette is one of the simplest recipes to prepare, but also one of the most controversial because it can be made in many different ways and some people add or subtract ingredients according to taste. The latest omelette to go viral is the one shared by chef Dani García. This time it was a truffled potato omelette, but it was not the truffle touch that caught our attention. What has gone viral is a secret ingredient that the chef from Marbella has used to make it fluffier.

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García is shown preparing the omelette and at one point explains that he adds butter, an ingredient he considers essential to achieve a fluffier texture. As was to be expected, the publication has been full of comments criticising the choice of this ingredient. The chef himself had already announced in the video “And now the controversy”, knowing that he was opening up a new debate about the omelette. What do you think about adding butter to your potato omelette?