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Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, a tropical oasis on the coast of Cádiz

We moved to this five-star resort that has eclipsed the national tourist scene to live all the hedonistic experiences it offers.

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Entering Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri means escaping from reality and the environment, to live in an exclusive world of luxury and relaxation under the sparkling sun and permanent ocean views.

The architectural work on which this hotel of the Barceló group is built houses an extensive garden of flowers and vegetation that make up a tropical landscape that coexists in harmony with the chromatic tones of the building, as well as with the five outdoor pools and natural lakes that run throughout the jungle space.

In order for guests to learn about the inspiration and depth of the sustainable landscaping project, the hotel also offers a ‘Garden Tour‘ that guides visitors through this enclave of natural beauty designed by the well-known landscape designer Isabel Alguacil.


This temple of sea, sun and luxury, located in Novo Sancti Petri-Chiclana, beyond standing out for a modern and innovative design that dresses from the rooms to the rooms and restaurants of the hotel, has some landmarks such as its U-Spa with more than 3,650 m² that make it the largest in Andalucia.

The spa is distributed over two floors featuring a circuit with pools, thermal loungers, Turkish baths, sensation showers and beauty treatments to enhance the sensory experience of the hotel.

A place where you can also enjoy its millenary Western and Oriental therapies, with which you can restore your body and mind, as well as body measurements or nutritional workshops by dietician Alejandro Cánovas, who has a ‘Vital Corner‘ inside the hotel. Nutrition then becomes another of the key aspects that nourish the identity of this resort, in sync with its wellness philosophy.


But this resort is not only about relaxation. Its leisure offer also includes the Saarq lounge club, the Dublin Bay Irish Pub with bowling alley, as well as a program of entertainment experiences for both adults and children with sports and cultural workshops.

In addition, during the summer season it presents open-air jazz and flamenco sessions through the Royal Hideaway Sessions, musical events performed by a wide variety of musical references who project their talent from the hotel’s amphitheater.


The iconic essence of the HIDEAWAY hotel, which stands out for its freshness, elegance and sophistication, has even been eternalized in a unique perfume that distills the scents of the resort, among notes of gardenia, rose, lily of the valley and hyacinth.

This strong sensory link between the scent and the hotel has even led to the creation of a perfumery workshop led by Valérie Sabini of Patio de los Perfumes, where you can create your own fragrance from the most precious natural essences in the world of perfumery under the advice and emblematic formulas of the perfumer.


The five restaurants that form the backbone of the Resort’s gastronomic offer are linked by the same culinary identity: the importance of the product and its proximity.

Spaces of haute cuisine among which we can find ATUNANTE, a restaurant specializing in Almadraba bluefin tuna, praised as the ‘red gold’ of the sea. A gastronomic jewel that can be tasted from the tables of this place suspended between aesthetic references to literary romance, art and the ocean.

A gastronomic immersion by the sea of Cadiz that we had the opportunity to experience through dishes with evocative names such as ‘El templo helado en calma’ (The calm frozen temple), a tuna tataki with yuzu sphere, ‘Las columnas de Hércules’, a tuna tataki with teriyaki, or the ‘Nido de tunante’, made up of the most delicious cuts of tuna: the morrillo, the sirloin, the ventresca and the tarantelo.

Within this same hedonistic universe, the French-Gadiz brasserie ‘Chez Lumière‘ stands as another of the outstanding restaurants of RH Sancti Petri, both for its interior design by the Mexican Jean Porsche, and for its signature cuisine led by the iconic chef Juanlu Fernandez, holder of 1 Michelin star and two Repsol Suns.

In the midst of this setting that evokes Parisian elegance and Andalusian costumbrista essence, a series of tables dressed in glazed tiles, which emerge from waves created on the floor, are installed and merge with the sea in the background.

In them, the chef displays creations of haute cuisine in which he fuses the nouvelle cousine with the Cadiz recipe book from delicious dishes such as the ‘Coquillage’, a scallop in chive whey, the ‘A la Cuillère’, a steam mollete of Almadraba bluefin tuna or the ‘Del Mar Adentro’, a hake with Iberian potage and cured yolk. Desserts such as the ‘Flan de la Maison’ finish off this surprising journey from Paris to Sancti Petri.