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There is nothing better than discovering Spain with a quality gastronomic route, thanks to the 18 Tapas Magazine’s T de Oro award winning restaurants. Today we visit the restaurant Piscolabis Gastrobar, an obligatory stop in Ceuta. Take note!

Piscolabis Gastrobar

It is the second project of Hugo Ruiz in his hometown. “Located in the central beach of La Ribera with spectacular views of the almadraba of Ceuta and the south bay”, it focuses on “red tuna and Iberian pork in multiple elaborations”. There, the queen is the red tuna tarantelo toast with black truffle, tomato and soy, but the Russian salad of tuna heart with piparras and hard-boiled egg, the tuna cachopo with mojama, payoyo and kimuchi, the tuna flamenquín with seaweed and parmesan, the Iberian rib taco with yakiniku, apple and kikos or the burger of acorn-fed Iberian pork also give to talk about.

Written by: Hugo Ruiz

Ceuta. Independencia, 3
956 51 34 83 / Website
Carta: 30-40 €
De producto

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