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Pamela Anderson to host plant-based cooking tv show

The popular actress is back in style: a documentary and a new cooking show. We tell you about this new gastro project.
Pamela Anderson, nuevo programa de cocina.

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Since the release of her latest documentary on Netflix, ‘Pamela, a love story’ and her memoir, ‘Love, Pamela’, Pamela Anderson has been back in the headlines. As well as revealing a number of previously unknown episodes from her youth, the actress has also taken advantage of the hype to pursue new career opportunities, including a new plant-based cooking show.

Anderson has been eating vegan and healthy for many years now, and now she is taking the lead on a new show about vegan cooking. The working title is Pamela’s Cooking with Love and it will air on Food Network Canada. In this format, Pamela Anderson will become a hostess and kitchen helper and will work with renowned chefs to develop delicious plant-based menus, assemble the various ingredients and prepare amazing meals and moments for her friends and family. Whether it’s a casual cocktail party, an intimate dinner with the family or breakfast, Pamela will show off her culinary skills.

The actress will combine this project with the second season of ‘Pamela’s Garden of Eden’, in which she is renovating her grandmother’s house in Vancouver. For the new instalment, Anderson will travel to Los Angeles to help her son Brandon Lee renovate his new home.

Advocate for vegan causes

It should be remembered that Pamela is a true animal advocate. She has participated in numerous campaigns for PETA to fight against animal cruelty. She also teamed up in 2020 with the Canadian brand Very Good Butchers to promote plant-based diets, and even launched a line of vegan apple-skin handbags with the French brand Ashoka.

Pamela Anderson’s new show in the kitchen will be filmed this summer and will probably premiere as early as 2024. We will be keeping an eye on this new gastronomic adventure.