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When we eat our favorite food or dessert, we don’t pay much attention to the way we eat, we just do it as usual. Although maybe you didn’t know that for some of the most popular foods, there are particular ways to eat them. In order to fully enjoy it, you need to take it this way, so forget what you have done until now and correct your habits with this list.

Chinese takeaway

When you order Chinese takeout, it arrives in a cardboard or plastic container inside which the food goes. There are those who decide to take a plate and pour it there, however, the correct way to eat it is in that same cardboard since it is designed to be disassembled and consumed right there.


When it comes to peeling an orange, it is not easy to complete the process. You may fight with the peel every time you try, but if you want to avoid it, the best way is to cut the top and bottom, split it to the center, and remove the skin.


The secret to avoiding staining your face when you are eating the cupcake, the key is to cut it in half and then close it as if it were a sandwich, so that the cream and the frosting, that is, the top part, stay between the two pieces that have been broken.


It is a small fruit, which many people love and which is very easy to consume, but, as everyone who eats it knows, it has a very thin skin that is difficult to peel if you try to remove it like that of an apple. Therefore, the best way to eat kiwis is with a spoon, with which to scrape the inner fruit.


Bacon can appear on a plate alone or as a side dish. And depending on how you find it, it should be taken one way or another. If you find it very done, toasted, and crispy, then it should be taken with your hands, but if you find it less done, you should use a knife and fork.


In the case of this popular Asian dish, the key is not so much in the instruments, whose chopsticks almost all know, although you can also eat it with your hands, but in the way in which it is introduced into the companions. If you dip it in soy, you have to put the fish part in first, which is also the first part that should be put in your mouth. It is also important to keep in mind that ginger is not a companion but is used to clean the mouth when taking different flavors.


Surely it has happened to you if you have ever eaten a banana. When it comes time to peel it, you have broken the stem, you have pulled the skin, and then you are left with these annoying little threads that must be removed from the fruit. However, there is an easier way to remove all of this, which is to peel it from the other side, that is, open it from the part that does not have a stem. It is simpler and also allows you to remove these threads.


When it comes to eating whole artichokes, the key to eating these vegetables well is to take the petals with your hand, one by one, and dip them in some sauce, if there is one, and then eat only the soft part, the rest must be deposited in a side of the plate. We are going to reserve the cutlery to take the heart of the artichoke later.

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