Breaking down F1’s exorbitant food prices

From a $280 lobster to a $12,000 tequila.

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The internet has been buzzing about the staggering prices of the food at the Miami Grand Prix races, which served a much more expensive menu than most sporting events.

Ryan Ellis (@ryanellisracing) was one of the users who opened the floodgates with a photo of the menu, which included a Maine Lobster Rolls served on a brioche bun with frizzled potatoes for 280 dollars, to classic wings with pepper and lemon for 190 dollars. The menu also featured a duo of chicken and beef empanadas for $170.

But it doesn’t stop there, it extends to its liquid menu, where a bottle of Ultra Blue Class costs $12,000 and a bottle of Tito’s is available for $560.

Both on social network X and Reddit, most of the platforms’ users or detractors launched a joint effusive criticism against the menu and each of those dishes with comments such as: ‘they missed the decimal point, didn’t they’.