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Matty Matheson from ‘The Bear’ teaches us how to cook the perfect egg

The Canadian legend signs a new tutorial in which he illustrates the process of cooking his ideal breakfast.

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Canadian chef Matty Matheson, who plays the character Neil on the fictional ‘The Bear‘, stars in a new real-life episode for his virtual cooking show ‘Cookin Somethin‘.

As he narrates in the clip, which he reduces to a few seconds in another Instagram piece, cooking eggs becomes a free decision of each one. That is, ‘they can be done for 6, 7, 8, 8, 9 or 10 minutes’, depending on the result the chef wants to achieve.

Matty has been eating the same thing for breakfast every day for the past few months. Specifically, about three boiled eggs on average every day. A ‘masterpiece’ that he interprets in the program, while he eats raw eggs or reviews all the ways and methods of cooking them.

This is a food that he never tires of, and of which he even projects a kind of apology until the final scene. Well, the culinary process he follows to prepare them with mastery is as follows:

First, he pours a splash of vinegar into the pot and introduces the eggs when the water starts to boil. The chef lets them cook for 6 minutes, ‘the perfect time’ for them to cook. After boiling, remove the eggs from the water, place them in a bowl and run cold water over them until they cool. Finally, plate them, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy them with enthusiasm.