Lluc Crusellas, the world’s best chocolatier, will have a pop-up in Harrods

The Catalan pastry chef won the World Chocolate Masters 2022 and, as part of his prize, is finalising his co-creation with Harrods for this spring.
Lluc Crusellas, mejor chocolatero del mundo, en Harrods.

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From 13 April, Lluc Crusellas, a 26-year-old Catalan pastry chef, will launch a co-creation with the British department store Harrods, where he will sell his cocoa products for a month through a pop-up format installed in the Tea Room. This is one of the prizes after becoming the winner of the Word Chocolate Masters 2022. On 31 October, he was crowned the winner after six tough tests, including the creation of a 3-metre elephant-sculpture using 200 kg of chocolate. Crusellas will thus be the best chocolate confectioner in the world for the next two years.

After the Christmas season, Lluc has mainly focused on the project with Harrods, where he will be able to dispatch his chocolate creations from 13 April next, for a month. In addition, he is also working hand in hand with Elias Läderach, winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2018, and Alistair Birt, Head Pastry Chef at Harrods. It is a project that will involve the joint development of new products. A limited edition of chocolates in the shape of an elongated tablet with the image of its famous elephant, and will be included in the tray that Harrods offers in the tea service.

El Carme Pastisseria

Lluc Crusellas is currently the pastry chef at El Carme Pastisseria, in Vic (Barcelona), which recently won the award for Best Pastry Shop in central Catalonia. The pastry shop is a true benchmark in the Catalan town and Crusellas is also promoting online sales through Eukarya, where he is developing his own line of chocolates, nougat and other products that incorporate chocolate as the main protagonist.

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