Kourtney Kardashian is behind Erewhon’s new smoothie

A natural collaboration involving your brand of vitamins and supplements.

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Kourtney continues to strengthen her relationship with the Los Angeles-based celebrity green grocer, having launched the ‘Poosh Detox‘ smoothie in the past. For this new iteration, the celeb has connected the imagery of her brand Lemme with that of Erewhon, one of her ‘favourite wellness destinations’.

The eldest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan introduced Lemme, her line of vitamins and supplements to support sleep, hair or nail health, in September 2022. A brand that somehow complements their lifestyle based on veganism and environmentalism. At least, that is the reality she projects on the internet and on reality TV.

The latest foray of its wellness brand is a purple Erewhon smoothie, packed with nutritious ingredients: from pitaya or blue spirulina to maple syrup, lavender, customised probiotics, sea moss or coconut milk. In other words, with some of the essentials that are part of your daily diet.

To achieve the desired result, she and the team behind the grocery shop designed a series of test juices, with different variations to ensure the intensity of flavour without compromising the nutritional bonus of Lemme’s new drink, which is now available on Erewhon’s shelves for $17.