Kourtney Kardashian gets seven pre-birthday cakes

The founder of ‘Poosh’ turns 45 on 18 April, but she’s already celebrated in style early.

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As everything that happens in the Kardashian universe is lived extravagantly, Kourt’s birthday couldn’t be left behind. In fact, even before her big day arrived, the celeb celebrated with a whole collection of different styles and flavours of cake.

Kourtney wanted to share it in a carousel on Instagram titled ‘mood 🎈’, which opens with an image of herself smiling on a yacht as she poses next to a giant cake with white and orange icing. The cake has a gold and orange glitter decoration topped with a message that reads: ‘Happy birthday to the most exciting to watch’, which she jokes in reference to her sister Kim having called her ‘the least exciting to watch’ during an episode of her reality show.

In another of the photos, other vintage-inspired cakes appear: a bright blue one with a pink border and the words ‘ARIES BABY’, and a white one with the phrase: ‘JUST LIVING LIFE’, which references her classic line on ‘The Kardashians’. Finally, in the sequence coexists another bright pink cake decorated in hundreds and thousands with a red heart in the centre, and a personalised layered cake of white roses.

Kourtney also shared a clip of a chocolate cake with strawberries and berries with a sparkler on top, as well as two nostalgic images of her as a child, and another with her mother Kris.