Kim Kardashian fills her fantasy bathtub with chocolate and elves

The eccentricities of the Kardashian clan continue in a new season.

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The Kardashian-Jenner family, beyond being known for their lavish Christmas themed interiors, are also known for their decorative Elf scenes to activate their children’s fantasy and Christmas spirit.

For this new edition, Kim Kardashian filled her huge bathtub with chocolate for an elaborate ‘Elf on the Shelf‘ scene.

Kim’s chocolate bathtub is probably the stickiest scene in her audiovisual history, not knowing whether she used cocoa powder or some other method to dye the water and generate that hot chocolate elf-landscape.

I walked into my bathroom and what do I see here? The elves left a mess and made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over here,’ she narrated in a video that ran through the saccharine scene inside her Hidden Hills mansion. ‘The note in the kitchen said they couldn’t find the cups, so the hot chocolate is in the bathtub.’

The intricate set-up included marshmallows of different sizes, red and green decorations, as well as chocolate kisses spelling out the word ‘ELF’ and, of course, the bathtub itself, filled with brown liquid to simulate cocoa.