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José Andrés confesses that he would love to eat the worm from ‘Dune’

The chef could turn that strange sand creature into a high-end grilled dish.

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The expectation and criticism surrounding the film ‘Dune: Part 2‘ have not stopped pouring in on the internet since the premiere of this science fiction film of which even the chef José Andrés has wanted to give his own vision. That’s right, under the culinary spotlight.

If the natural reaction to seeing this devouring beast would be to panic, it seems that for José Andrés this is not at all the case. He would transform the slimy worm into a real delicacy.

In fact, as he expressed in a TikTok video shared by Bon Appétit on 20 March, the Michelin-starred chef, on seeing the ‘Shai-Hulud‘ on the big screen for the first time, felt a kind of new extraterrestrial obsession.


Shai-Hulud on the grill? Turns out chef @José Andrés spent part of #Dune2 wondering why nobody was slicing off a fillet of sandworm to feed the crowds on Arrakis.

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When the interviewer asked the star if he had seen Denis Villeneuve‘s film, he replied with a totally unexpected answer: ‘I’d love to eat that worm, man,’ he said with conviction. The chef, in fact, explained his confusion that no one on the fictional desert planet had sliced and cooked one of these worms. I understand it’s semi-sacred, but it also kills people’. To which he added: ‘A little grilled steak…. Imagine that! This has to taste really good.’

However, José Andrés is not the first person to have had a craving for worms. There is a whole Reddit page dedicated to the subject with a thread entitled ‘Are sandworms edible’, where users talk about eating Shai-Hulud.