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José Andrés will give a masterclass on the binding power of food

Gastronomy as a social connector.

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The MasterClass platform announced that chef and humanitarian José Andrés will ditch the jacket to don the teaching suit and teach a class on ‘the importance of understanding each other through food and using it to bring people together’. ‘I believe in the extraordinary power of food to bring people together,’ Andrés told Food & Wine of the motivation behind the course. ‘Food is not just about nutrition… it’s about history, stories and connections’.

Every recipe tells a story if you know where to look. Now, in a new three-part series with acclaimed chef José Andrés, you’ll find out. Join the four-time James Beard Award-winning chef and nine guest stars on a journey to explore how food highlights how much we have in common. Discover recipes for dishes made for sharing and welcome everyone to your table,’ reads the course description.

In the course, the Spanish chef will share the history of some of his favourite dishes, such as macaroni and cheese and arepas, so that students can learn what they mean before they learn how to cook them. The aim is for them to discover how food is made to be shared and enjoyed with friends, family and even strangers. To establish that connection while creating something tasty.

Beyond learning how to prepare delicious dishes, I want people to understand the stories and traditions that have shaped these recipes over generations. I hope it inspires MasterClass members to truly embrace the idea of using food as a way to connect with family, friends and strangers,’ he says, adding: ‘May they be inspired to build longer tables in their own lives and communities, creating moments where people come together and celebrate our shared humanity around a meal.’

Andrés will not be the only teacher sharing his talent and knowledge with the students. He will also bring nine culinary experts who will delve into gastronomic traditions and a range of iconic US dishes.

‘I love sharing the rich history behind classic dishes and highlighting how coming together to cook can create a sense of unity and understanding,’ Andrés adds. ‘For me, it’s an incredible opportunity to celebrate our differences and find common ground through the simple act of sharing a meal. And while it’s technically my MasterClass, we also learn from some incredible people who I respect and admire and who share my passion for cooking and for gathering around a table.’