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This is José Andrés’ hot spatula technique to create the perfect fried egg

How to raise the boiling point of an egg in a simple way.

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The culinary process of frying a fried egg can often be more complex than it may seem at first glance. It is even a kind of art that can be carried out in an infinite number of ways, although none is quite like José Andrés‘.

This is a technique for making the perfect fried eggs in a simple way. To begin with, the expert in the field relies on his trusty metal spatula to make it, previously heating it in hot oil for a few seconds in order to facilitate the separation of the egg from the frying pan without complications.

The utensil will slide smoothly under the egg and allow it to be placed directly on the plate, a clever trick that will prevent it from sticking to the pan.

The gastronomic icon, who has often declared his love of eggs, has shared creative ways to enjoy them in other versions – from baked to the colourful broken eggs in his garden.

However, his favourite fried egg seems to be the golden egg with runny yolk, and a little caviar, made with the pan tilted so that the oil pools under the egg, continually pouring more bubbling oil on top to cook it evenly.