How gastronomy has inspired Jacquemus’ work

We take a look at the eternal love story between Jacquemus and food: a synergy with which he has served from installations to objects and fashion collections.

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Jacquemus is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle. An aspirational universe surrounded by beauty and evasion to which everyone would like to belong, and drink from that harmony between nostalgia and the avant-garde, between the past and the future, which has positioned him as one of the great designers of the current era.

In the French designer’s work, we can see how, beyond having redefined contemporary women’s clothing, there is a series of obsessions and/or aesthetic inspirations that have just elevated his identity and heritage. And one of them is undoubtedly gastronomy.

It all started during the presentation of the second collection of her eponymous brand based on a fashion show with breakfast. Literally: the invitations were accompanied by a loaf of bread wrapped in a white tea towel, which was received by a cast of attendees who were then able to taste in situ a stylized version of a classic Provençal breakfast reinterpreted by chef Alix Lacloche: from homemade jam, to blocks of butter with ‘pain’ or chocolate with almond milk.

Culinary designs and installations

Simon Porte Jacquemus not only explores fashion as an artistic practice, but also many other expressions that make up the whole immersive Jacquemus experience: sculpture, interior design, art, ceramics or installation. Something that we have been able to see reflected in his Parisian boutique on Avenue Montaigne, where -on many occasions- he serves customers cookies or popcorn stamped with his logo, and where he is currently exhibiting a sculptural installation that revolves around his new collection of accessories ‘A TABLE’, made with fashion’s favorite cherries.

During Paris Fashion Week FW23, the designer also returned to distill his inner world and demonstrate his infinite talent in a pop up at Galeries Lafayette with oversized installations including a coffee maker and a toaster.


This visual obsession with food has also been immortalized in ceramics and in the design of objects or household items. The creative has collaborated on several occasions with the Greek ceramist Daphne Leon to create capsules of pieces that took up the emblematic designs of Jacquemus: a series of plates sculpted with elements such as the Le Chiquito bag next to a bunch of radishes, or others in the shape of the brand’s raffia hat.

Similarly, they joined forces again to generate the ‘food styling’ of the restaurant Oursin under Picassian-inspired strokes with which Leon molded in ceramic delicate peaches, anchovies, asparagus and mussels that diners of the Parisian local did not take long to spread on Instagram.


Having been born and raised in Provence, the Mediterranean countryside becomes a recurring source of inspiration for Jacquemus, as witnessed by Café Citron, the designer’s first restaurant for the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées. An evocative space decorated with large terracotta pots and tables with yellow tiles, which the creative topped with lemon trees, cups and a Mediterranean menu with toast with poached eggs, marinated vegetables, rosemary sardines or lemon tart.

After that opening in 2019, Simon sat at the table of the Oursin restaurant to reinterpret it through his vision, hand in hand with the creative director of Galeries Lafayette. Taking full inspiration from Mediterranean culture, he evoked in that place his aesthetic imaginary in vases, bowls and objects displayed as works of art that once again reached the collective desire.