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Frankie Burgers, the 3rd best burger in Spain, also launches its ‘smash burger’ format

With his new 'Frankie Smash' he also joins the smash burgers fever in the capital.

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Since it was born in the middle of the pandemic, Frankie Burgers has become one of the reference projects in terms of artisanal burgers. In fact, in 2022 its Super Frankie Cheese was recognized as the 3rd best burger in Spain, while in 2023 its Frankie Cheese Bacon was chosen as the 2nd best burger in Spain in delivery format. With two locations in Madrid, another in Alcalá de Henares -where it was born- and succeeding with its delivery, now Frankie Burgers has decided to go a step further and also launch its burgers in smash format, one of the trends that took hold last year.

3 new smash burgers at Frankie’s

To this end, it has created its ‘Frankie Smash’, with all the essence of its traditional burgers, i.e., fresh and quality ingredients; totally artisanal and daily preparation; and a simple and traditional recipe based on a nice & easy character. This new smash burger follows the classic American recipe and will be available at Frankie Burgers in three versions: the Original (with cheddar cheese, pickle, onion and Frankie sauce); the Cheese Bacon (with cheddar cheese, bacon and Frankie sauce); and finally, the Truffled, a new addition to the current options of its menu made with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion and delicious artisan truffle sauce.

All its smash burgers will be available in its delivery service with Uber Eats or for physical pick-up, while its Original version will also be included in the menu of its Alcalá de Henares location. In addition, for a limited time, from February 1 to March 4, the Original Smash will also be available to try at Frankie Burgers’ establishment at 17 Espronceda Street, in the Chamberí neighborhood.

So if you’re a fan of the popular smash burgers, you’ve got a new one to try at Frankie Burgers – don’t miss out!