12 gourmet burgers you must try in Madrid

May 28th is International Burger Day and to celebrate it as a special dish like this deserves, we have selected the most gourmet burgers in Madrid.

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Next May 28th is the International Burger Day and this week we want to celebrate it by giving us a real tribute in honor of this typical dish of American gastronomy (although there are also disputes about its possible German origin). It’s been a while since this food went beyond fast food, and these 12 gourmet burgers that you can taste in Madrid corroborate it. Let’s start the route!


This restaurant, located in the Palacio de Saldaña that opened a few months ago, has in its menu a very special hamburger created by chef Aurelio Morales. It is 100 g of authentic A5 Wagyu beef brought from Kagoshima (Japan), one of the most exclusive meats in the world. Presented as a half hamburger, it is served on homemade brioche bread with a touch of tomato and oregano and toasted with butter, and is accompanied by Iberian bacon veil with smoked Pría cheese. The final touch is provided by the Abya sauce, a version of the burger sauce, with ketchup made with tomato smoked in josper. Price: 21 €.


Dani García’s steakhouse in the capital is a real hotspot to try THE burger. Here they call it ‘the burger that made sense of it all’. And no wonder, because just looking at it makes your mouth water. It is prepared with matured meat that is minced in front of the diner. After being shredded by the wait staff, it goes through the embers of Leña. There are two baby burgers with Bull sauce, pretxel and Havarty cheese, which taste great. Price: 22 €.

The Eight

The fact that behind this concept is the chef Julián Mármol (with a star for Yugo The Bunker), makes it clear that you come here to eat well. If, in addition, you find yourself in the middle of the Food Hall Galería Canalejas, you go to another level. Among their burgers, the Wagyu one stands out: 190 g of meat with ferranini cheese, poached onion, teriyaki and valentine sauces. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Hamburger Day. Price: 24 €.

Kitchen en Ramses

On the mezzanine floor of the mythical Ramses -which celebrated its 15th anniversary a few weeks ago- you will find this restaurant with an open kitchen whose protagonists are the grill and charcoal. Although the options you can choose from here are varied and all delicious, to celebrate a day like this, you should opt for their beef burger with caramelized onion, homemade ketchup and emmental cheese, served with triple-cooked potatoes. Price: 23 €.


Open in the capital since 2006, it is a benchmark of Madrid’s gastronomy, offering grilled Brazilian meats that are a must. On their menu they offer the grilled Wagyu Rubaiyat burger with caramelized onion, tomato confit, gruyere cheese, arugula and Dijon mustard. Price: 24 €.

L’Atelier Robuchon

If you want to experience a gastronomic spectacle, L’Atelier Robuchon will be your best scenario that, together with L’Ambassade and Le Speakeasy, form a perfect triangle to conceptualize Robuchon. In his menu you will find Le Burger, two burgers with foie gras and crispy peppers.

Dani Brasserie

Another appetizing proposal from Dani Garcia, but this time from his restaurant located in the Four Seasons. On this occasion, in his menu you can find an incomparable hamburger: the Rossini. It is matured loin meat, with foie gras, parmesan cheese and bull sauce. To delight any carnivore lover. Price: 39 €.

La Bistroteca

It became the winner of the first edition of Burger Combat and that is already very significant. Its creator is the chef Vanessa San Jose and in the menu you will find up to 11 different proposals. Of course, this year you may not make it in time to celebrate International Burger Day because they usually have a two-month wait to get a reservation (and they cook around 5,000 burgers a month). If you do not know which one to choose, the restaurant recommends La Sabuesa, one of the best proposals on their menu. It is made only with seasonal truffles, no chemicals, no “truffled” oils. The average price of their burgers is around 16 €.


An option for you to enjoy at home. The GoXO is always synonymous with success and with its Festival Burger XO even more. They are two 180 g cheeseburgers of beef matured with 3 cheeses with bacon grilled for 48 hours and lacquered with jalapeño BBQ. They are accompanied by two portions of fries and a box of fried chicken (6 pieces). Are you in? Price: 60 €.


For a gastronomic day like this, choose this contemporary steakhouse that bets strongly on a quality product. Its grilled beef is one of its strong points. As for the hamburger, they serve a beef burger with its special bread. Price: 23,5 €.

Taberna Recreo

If you are looking for a twist and an innovative proposal, here you will find a surprising cheesburger spring roll. Chef Alejandro Díaz, who has worked in restaurants of the stature of DiverXO, offers a dynamic proposal with fun tapas and several signature dishes, ideal for sharing and enjoying with all the senses. Price: 6 €.

Neotaberna Santerra

Another different hamburger proposal. On this occasion, the most traditional essence of Santerra is evident in its Neotaberna with proposals such as the Cangreburger, made with soft shell crab, matured beef picaña, havarti cheese, lettuce and Bob’s secret sauce. Price: 9€.

And if you are also a fan of the smash burger that are so fashionable, we leave you all the ones you have to try this year, and more here.