Egg smuggling increases at the US border due to rising prices

The great increase in the price of eggs in the United States has caused an increase in the smuggling of this food on the border with Mexico.

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A few weeks ago we talked about the reason why egg prices in the United States had increased by almost 60%. This problem has caused, in turn, an increase in the smuggling of this food on the borders of the United States with Mexico, according to the US Customs and Border Protection Service.

The point is that while in Ciudad Juárez or Tijuana a carton of 30 eggs costs around €3, in some US states the price of a dozen can cost €7. Many US citizens have seen this bargain as an opportunity to cross the border and buy eggs in Mexico.

The problem is that, under federal law, raw eggs or poultry products are prohibited across the border. Far from cowering, many have dared to smuggle this food. In fact, as reported by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), between October and December 2022 there was a 108% increase in the number of eggs and poultry products seized at ports of entry into the country.

The authorities advise declaring these types of products, although that will not prevent them from being intercepted anyway, since as we mentioned earlier, raw eggs are prohibited from entering the US from Mexico. At least if you declare them, you will avoid facing a Penalties that could reach up to €10,000.